FBA Fulfillment Made Easy 

Starting at $1.00 per unit!

No Sign Up Fee!

No Membership Fees!

Flat Rate Pricing

Volume Discounts

Pick & Pack Service 


No Touch Inventory Prep!

Eliminate the hassle of handling inventory and focus more on growing your business. We're the Prep Pack & Ship Pro's and are here to help.

Step 1

Send Us Your Inventory

Place your order and ship to our address. Input shipment details into your account's spreadsheet

(eg. product description, ASIN, UPC, ISBN, quantity).

Step 2


We receive, count, and inspect your inventory. You'll also be able to check the status of each of your items at any time via our shared spreadsheet.

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Step 3

Prep & Labeling

Our Team will begin prepping your units to FBA standards and apply FNSKU label.

Step 4


If you've granted us sub-account access to Seller Central (only to manage FBA shipments) we will print shipping labels on your behalf and ship to Amazon.


We will send you each shipments box weight & dimension information so you can print shipping labels and email back to us. 

We only Ship through UPS at this time.


Billing is per completed Shipment.

You will receive a PayPal Invoice via email that is due immediately, for the total of completed units per shipment.

We only accept PayPal at this time.

Invoice & Payment


Pricing & Services

We offer Flat Rate Pricing that is affordable. No invoice shock - always straight forward!

Inventory Processing:
*New Items only*

Standard-Size Units                          $1.00

*Minimum of 30 units - Can be of mixed SKUS                

Over-Size (18" on the longest side)   $1.25+

Over-size units are based on weight - please contact us for pricing.

Bundles / Multi packs (up to 4 items) $1.50

Bubble Wrapping (per linear)     Add  $0 .30

Book Prep: At this time we are no longer excepting books (new or used).   

Volume Discount
For 100+ standard-sized units of the same SKU
Labeling only, No Bundles or Multipacks.
 Poly Bagging at extra cost

100-499 units                   $0.70


500-999 units                   $0.65 

1000+    units                   $0.60 

Inventory Processing Includes:
  • Receiving Packages

  • Item Inspection (photos of damaged provided)

  • Sticker and Price-Tag Removal

  • Item Prep (Includes polybags and labels: suffocation warning, this is a set; do not separate, ready to ship, fragile, glass, ect.)

  • Item and Shipment Labeling

  • Dunnage (air pillows, kraft paper)

  • Short-term Inventory Storage

Outbound Boxes

We always try to reuse your original boxes when possible. However at times, we must use new boxes to ensure the safety or cost-effectiveness of your shipments.

Small       $1.25

Medium   $1.75

Large      $2.25

X-Large    $2. 75

Pick & Pack Fulfillment




Multichannel eCommerce Fulfillment


For Pick & Pack Fulfillment Pricing - Please Contact Us, 

Starting at $2.50+ per order



How fast can you prep and ship my items to Amazon?

Our turnaround time is between 24 to 36 hours on most items - if not sooner. 

How soon can I start shipping to your warehouse?

As soon as we have your account set up - Please email info@prepitusa.com if you're interested in signing up.

What's your address?

Our address will be disclosed once your account is set up. We have received many shipments in the past without account set up. We are located in Marshfield, Wisconsin.

Is your warehouse secured?

Yes. We have 24/7 surveillance security.

Do you work with new Amazon Sellers?

Yes! But you must have a full understanding of Amazon's process and how FBA works. 

Do you accept sellers of all sizes?

Absolutely! We want your business whether you're a small volume seller or large.  

Do you work with book sellers?

Sorry, at this time we do not. If anything were to change, we will update our website.

Who pays for outbound shipping?

All outbound shipping charges are paid through your Seller Central Account by you.

Will you disclose any of my product information?

Absolutely Not! We respect and value each one of our customers.

How are returns handled for damaged or unwanted items?

We can pack and ship your returns. You will just need to provide us the shipping label (usually prepaid by your supplier). We only handle Amazon returns from current clients who use our prep service for FBA or Pick & Pack Fulfillment. 

Do you accept Liquidation lots? 

Sorry, at this time we do not. 

Do you accept pallets and containers?

Yes we do. Please give us at least a 24 hour heads up so we can make room for your delivery.

Operating Hours:

Monday -  Friday

8:30 to 5:00 CST


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